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Camp Solutions

Al-Sa’ee provides affordable portable cabins for complete camp solutions as per below sizes and category;

  • Portable Cabins
  • Water/Diesel Tanks
  • Utility Items

These sizes have different categories of Living, Office and utilities caravans including;

  • 3 Room Office/ Accommodation Cabin
  • 4 Room Office Cabin
  • 3 Room + 3 Bath Accommodation Cabin
  • 2 Room + 2 Bath Accommodation/Office Cabin
  • 2 Room + 1 Bath Cabin
  • 1 Room + 1 Bath Cabin
  • Hall Type Cabin
  • Laundry
  • Clinic
  • Mess and Kitchen Separate or Coupled Cabins
  • Washroom with/without Shower Cabin
  • Stores Cabin
  • Water Tank with Skid and pumps and connections
  • Diesel Tank with Skid and pumps and connections
  • Poles Lights with Stands
  • Diesel Generator with Changeover

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Portable Cabins

Portable Cabins (Prefabricated i.e. ISO Containers and Fabricated i.e. Customized) are strong, secure and comfortable structure. Most importantly they are easily re-locatable, Hook up/down and transport at different rural and urban areas of Pakistan.

Portable Cabin consists;
Al-Sa’ee Engineering provides furnished Cabins with or without furniture and equipment having complete fittings.

Modified shipping containers and customized cabins are inherently wind and water-tight. They can withstand extreme weather, without requiring any long-term infrastructure (e.g. in-ground foundations or concrete slabs). They are transportable via truck, trailer, or ship. And they lend well to repeat setups and transplants, so your organization doesn’t have the reinvest in new structures for evolving jobsites.

Our team of designers and engineers can further optimize containers for your work camp operations by adding in standard or specific features.


The most important application of portable cabins is for;

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Diesel and Water Tanks

We specialize in manufacturing quality Oil Storage Tanks with API 650 Standard and selection of material as per ASME. Welding and leakage test are also performed under 3rd party inspection company to maintain our product quality.

We Offer in various sizes and capacities with Skid and Without Skid,

These are customized according to the client’s specific requirements. The tanks are used for storing diesel, petrol, oil and water.

Complete railing and staircase with complete pump and pipe fitting having manifold arrangement. We also offer corrosion resist marine paints and sand blasting. Heavy-duty skid tanks combine mobility with structural framing for highly flexible and safe storage.


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Rental Generators

We offer rental generator with Change-over for energize camp and cabins as per calculated electrical load. Our engineers calculate the consumption as per number of equipment required by valuable client for such type of camp or just for cabin.

For temporary power purposes, having a diesel generator can mean the difference between downtime on the job, and a fully functioning on site where power is not available. On the other hand, for prime power needs, a diesel generator can be just as effective as any sort of continuous power supply. Not to mention, backup power options like a diesel generator provides the opportunity to bring portable power to any construction, drilling, mining or camp site, anywhere.

Ranges starts from 10 KVA to 500 KVA that we offer on rental basis and provides monthly and on call maintenance services of provided generator.
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We also offer following necessary services along with Cabins and Tanks;

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Hookup and Hook Down

This service contains;


Maintenance Contracts

We also offer complete camp maintenance on yearly basis. We deploy our expert’s crew of different trade as per mutual understanding with client.

We rotate our labors on 30 to 40 days Rota base in any camp. Complete monitoring of camp, provide preventive maintenance schedule of different electrical/electronic equipment. Satisfy our valuable clients with our maintenance services.

We do routine camp maintenance at Rig Side, Construction Site, and other ongoing facility area within Pakistan.


Quality Policy

Al-Sa’ee is committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by prioritizing quality and on-time delivery. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in every stage of production.

We ensure that all Portable or Modular Building is constructed, delivered and installed in accordance with Health and Safety requirements.

Our reputation is built on the quality of our products, services and the ability to act speedily yet professionally, to be competitive meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations.


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