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Why Al-Sa’ee?



Al-Sa’ee is a leading company in Sharia Compliance

We are offering only Halal Business Solutions under the guidance of Sharia Principles.


Al-Sa’ee provides quality and time

On time delivery with remarkable customer satisfaction is our key to success. We do quality assurance and implementing quality control tools. Our project management team can take up your business need ensure proper designing consultancy considering your budget and future business needs.




Al-Sa’ee is solution-oriented

Provides professional and solution-oriented closing of projects with the experienced and expert staff composed of architects, Marketers, financial consultant and engineers employed.


Al-Sa’ee aims customer satisfaction as primary target

Provides the best service to its customers providing warranty for its products in selling and after-sales processes.




Al-Sa’ee takes consideration of employees’ health and safety

Safety is our topmost priority, we believe in safe working environment for our staff, we provide training activities, safety drills and much more because we care.


Al-Sa’ee is professional

We have a team of highly qualified and experience professionals in their respective field. We offer qualitative engineering services round the clock on highly competitive rates and to the entire satisfaction of our clients.